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    Fitness Tips

    Pick One Thing to Make Your Workouts More Effective

    Pick One Thing to Make Your Workouts More Effective


    Your workout time is precious! Make the most of your exercise session by choosing even one of the following health tips to work on. You'll protect your heart, your physical and mental health, and see improvements to body composition, mobility, and strength. (Links are provided to help you reach your goals. Always consult with your doctor or health care provider before making changes to your workout routine.)

    • If you're only doing cardio sessions, try adding in 2-3 weight lifting sessions per week. You'll start to see change in your body composition and increase in strength.


    • Already lifting? During your weight training sessions, choose weights that are heavy enough that you barely get through your last repetition.


    • If your cardio sessions are less than 30 minutes, try to bump up your time to at least 30 minute sessions 3-5 times per week. 


    • During your cardio sessions, focus on making your arm and leg movements bigger for the entire time.


    • If you enjoy steady state cardio, (where your heart rate increases after the warm-up, but stays at a consistent level for the remainder of your workout), add in a HIITTabataor Interval Workout session at least once per week where you pump up your heart rate super high to work between an anaerobic (breathless) and aerobic state.  


    • If you're stretching a little after your workouts, that's great! Try adding in one longer flexibility/stretching session per week. Your joints and body will thank you! 



    • Drink more water throughout your day.


    • Be consistent! This can be one of most difficult ones for most people to do, but you'll see better, long lasting results when you exercise regularly.

    What do you like to do to make your workouts more effective?


    Protecting Your Body Through Active Recovery

    Protecting Your Body Through Active Recovery


    When trying a new exercise format, or coming back to working out after a break, you may experience muscle soreness. Your body certainly needs time to recover from a difficult workout, but that doesn't always mean complete rest. 

    Muscle soreness may actually be eased and recovery promoted by doing light, low-impact exercise to get the heart rate a little bit above normal, such as with a brisk walk or marching/walking workout. Studies show that when you pump up your heart rate even slightly, you'll push more oxygen and nutrients through your body and bring healing hormones to your damaged muscle fibers, while removing unnecessary metabolic byproducts. 


    One way to help avoid muscle soreness altogether, is to take a look at your day. Choose your workout according to the load your are carrying that day. For example, if you happen to have a very packed evening that will keep you out late, and cause you to have less hours of sleep, plan a workout that is not quite as intense that day.


    Check out my YouTube channel to find a workout that will suit your needs. There are many playlists to choose from. 


    Some especially popular ones are:

    Participants also love my Step Across America and March Across America programs, all around 30 minutes each.

    Loving Your Body and Giving Self-Compassion

    Loving Your Body and Giving Self-Compassion

    An article from Science Daily (dot) com shared a study where an exercisers mood and body satisfaction was improved when the fitness instructors' comments during class were focused on strength and health, instead of losing weight or changing the appearance of one's body, (especially through body-shaming references).

    You are protecting your mental state and well-being by working out with fitness professionals that talk positively and motivate you in healthy ways both physically and mentally. Think how powerful it would be to change the  focus from your size to the beautiful uniqueness you have to offer. Use that positive energy to figure out your purpose in life! You were born to do great things! 

    Over the past 10 years of filming workouts, you'll most certainly see that my weight fluctuates depending on which workout you click on. The desire to be "authentic" encouraged me to continue to film workouts when I've been at all sizes. A real part of life is fluctuations in weight and size, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Just as life has it's ups and downs, for a majority of real people, our weight also has it's ups and downs. Self-compassion is key to getting through difficult life changes, especially if/when your body size changes as a result of stresses. If we recognize the true unique miracle we are in those difficult times, the power within to give love to ourselves, will come much more easily, maybe with some practice.  

    Most importantly, keep moving. Studies have also shown that when you exercise regularly, you'll feel overall better and more confident about your body. Now that's a win!

    To give you something fresh and new for your workouts, try my Step Across America Programs. Participants are loving the different beautiful locations!


    What is Your 'Why'?

    What is Your 'Why'?
    What is the reason that gets you up and moving each day? If you can connect your actions to you personal, meaningful 'why', motivation to exercise becomes so much easier!

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