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    Fitness Tips — protect your body

    Pick One Thing to Make Your Workouts More Effective

    Pick One Thing to Make Your Workouts More Effective


    Your workout time is precious! Make the most of your exercise session by choosing even one of the following health tips to work on. You'll protect your heart, your physical and mental health, and see improvements to body composition, mobility, and strength. (Links are provided to help you reach your goals. Always consult with your doctor or health care provider before making changes to your workout routine.)

    • If you're only doing cardio sessions, try adding in 2-3 weight lifting sessions per week. You'll start to see change in your body composition and increase in strength.


    • Already lifting? During your weight training sessions, choose weights that are heavy enough that you barely get through your last repetition.


    • If your cardio sessions are less than 30 minutes, try to bump up your time to at least 30 minute sessions 3-5 times per week. 


    • During your cardio sessions, focus on making your arm and leg movements bigger for the entire time.


    • If you enjoy steady state cardio, (where your heart rate increases after the warm-up, but stays at a consistent level for the remainder of your workout), add in a HIITTabataor Interval Workout session at least once per week where you pump up your heart rate super high to work between an anaerobic (breathless) and aerobic state.  


    • If you're stretching a little after your workouts, that's great! Try adding in one longer flexibility/stretching session per week. Your joints and body will thank you! 



    • Drink more water throughout your day.


    • Be consistent! This can be one of most difficult ones for most people to do, but you'll see better, long lasting results when you exercise regularly.

    What do you like to do to make your workouts more effective?