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    Feeling unsettled or not sure if everything will go smoothly with your download purchase? Don't worry. We're here to help. 

    We use the universal video format mp4. This format is widely accepted on all computer, tablet and phone platforms.   

    Try the download below and test if it works on your system.

    Click the link below or paste it in your URL:



    iPad or iPhones, please go to the app store and download the Collect by WeTransfer app first. This will enable you to save your workouts and access them anytime with out internet once you have downloaded them.  

    We are often asked how to get mp4 downloads on to the TV. Because of the variety of equipment to play downloaded workouts, we've pulled together a few YouTube videos below made by different individuals that may be of help.  


    IOS Apple Devices:





    USB Thumb Drive on your TV or DVD:


    Google Chrome Cast: